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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "PowerWall" NIKE AIR MAX world's largest Zhanmai January 21, 2006, a NIKE AIR MAX family event - "PowerWall" Large Zhanmai event will visit Beijing Wangfujing Oriental Plaza, then, the shoes will rely on the hands of the lucky fans who bought numbers from "PowerWall "I won on their favorite shoes. At the same time, including the original in color engraved version and the latest version, including NIKE AIR MAX classic shoes over the cheap jordan shoes for men years and the debut of NIKE AIR MAX 360 shoe will allow fans to feast their eyes. The NIKE AIR MAX "PowerWall" events will be held simultaneously on the 21st day of nine cities in the world, in Asia only China Beijing and Osaka, Japan, the two stations. NIKE AIR shoes for worldwide fans, this is undoubtedly the 2006 New Year's a special event. Mark comes from a combination of one of the world famous HTM's creation? Parker also specifically for each site o Retro jordans for sale f the original NIKE AIR MAX collapse knife engraved version of the creation of five different color versions, shoes, fans around the world presented a New Year gift. order shoe fans entering the time of day purchased in advance by drawing lots, NIKE will be invited to Beijing Municipal Notary Office to supervise the entire ballot process. In addition, sales of each shoe sold out, will be guest artists NIKE specially drawn drawing board Tips. Links Sin Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ce 1979 the first pair of air-cushioned shoes since its inception NIKE, NIKE excellent design team over the years has always been committed to the innovative air cushion technology. The NIKE AIR MAX 360 360-degree air parcel Technology, called the NIKE AIR pinnacle. At the same time, the use of NIKE AIR MAX 360 technology tailored to Liu, "I was born Raymond" LX Signature shoe for the country 20 cities limited edition of 1,000 pairs of shoes Liu signature d cheap jordans for sale mens ay in January 21, this shoe will have Liu Xiang signature and symbol of flying "born I Xiang" logo. & nbsp;after Durant's new boots KD7 release, he and Nike will expire this thing has been our hot. Time came this week, it was reported that the contract has expired, Durant suddenly canceled the original visit to the Nike headquarters plan, so that the two sides can sign the new covenant again, a question mark. According to sources, another American sports cheap jordans online brand, Under Armour, has met with Durant's family, and revealed that UA's contract for Durant has reached 30 million a year! You know, the Nike contract just concluded with Durant is only 7 years old, 60 million. also worth mentioning is that the UA is headquartered in Maryland, and Durant and the "Hometown" such a layer of origin, we all know that Durant is a very love for hometown people, don't know if it will be about his choice? Let's wait and see. f Cheap air jordans for sale ashion brand Rick Owens in the past two years in the fashion circle blowing a Gothic trend, and its sports brand Adidas joint footwear products are also sought after. With this boom, the new Rick Owens x adidas Tech Runner series will be released in the fall and winter season in 2014. In the design continues Rick Owens Logo Black and white simplicity style, detail design exquisite. But there is no new series offer information you trendsetter ready?Japanese cheap jordans for sale trend of fashion magazine "SENSE" recently published Kanye West Take associated with adidas Originals clothing line YEEZY the first quarter and the Price of a single product. The Kanye West personally by the design of the clothing line since birth will be of concern, although the marked price list for the yen unit, and may differ from the adidas Originals official price, but it is also interested in buying the series to friends a reference basis, interested Retro jordans for sale friends can go to the official website for more SENSE single product price information.Nike in today's Innovation Summit, released including air VaporMax, KD, 9, including a series of innovative products, and in all new products, the most exciting, is one of the most revolutionary and innovative products undoubtedly HyperAdapt 1.0 this uses a self lacing hi-tech running shoes. In Nike's endless creative sigh, and tinker Hatfield will air MAG smart ideas ap Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping plied to shoes in the determination of production, we also wish to take this so far, a brief look at the intelligent technology in the history of the development of sports shoes of reincarnation. Micropaceradidaswas born in the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games Micropacer Adidas is the first to join the smart elements of the SNEAKER products. Although the tongue is equipped with a simple pedometer, but in more than 30 years ago, this is absolutely a sufficientl cheap foamposites y in advance of the idea. After entering the 21st century, Adidas, more than once engraved this classic running shoes, and has joined such as Gore Tex waterproof material, undefeated stores and other joint series enough to let Micropacer to regain their youth a new gimmick. Is particularly worth mentioning is that recent Adidas will also Micropacer and two other Adidas retro running shoes of the classic elements to be refined and fusion, launched a new trend of running shoes, NMD. RS ComputerPumacompared to Micropacer, the birth of the late two years of RS Computer Puma actually a lot of mystery. This in a great extent is because RS computer too complicated "processors" is hard to like the simple pedometer Micropacer as the original engraved. Actually, puma will the heel huge electronic components simplified away, and keep the shoes that are unique to the 1980s retro appearance, in the name of RS100 engraved too this kind of running shoes. adidas_12005, Adidas launched very revolutionary smart shoes Adidas 1, the although there is a marvelous propaganda and high-tech products required expensive, but Adidas 1 use method is not complicated, as long as the switch is turned on, each run four step, the shoe body will automatically adjust to you the most suitable damping levels. This is because the heel of the magnetic sensor can feel the pressure of the pressure level and the size of this level of pressure will is transmitted to the intelligent shoe "brain" microprocessor. According to the size of the pressure level to determine the size of the shoe to determine the suitability of the shock, and then, the cable system will be driven by the motor to adjust the damping part of the shoe, so that the shoe needs to become more soft or hard. In the adidas_1 shortly after the launch, Adidas also Strike while the iron is hot. 〉

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